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박정현 : Park JeongHyeon (1976 - ) aka Lena Park

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Biography or Not



HongCho, 1998-08-06

I am not sure when this album was released exactly, but I put down 1997 since the recording date seems to be November 1997. Anyway, Park, JeongHyeon is another "singing sensation" from the States. Although her conversational Korean isn't too good, her singing Korea seems to be quite good. :)

Her voice is unique. It has strength and yet, it still carries the fragility her appearance carries. As her church choir background would suggest us, her specialty seems to be R&B (or pop/R&B). This album features a list of pretty good session musicians in Korea. Her management did a pretty good job.

I think for a pop debut album, this is pretty good. Pretty generic top-quality production album. I hope that she can really find her music and grow as an artist.

Bottom line: I am ambivalent... It might make it into the changer...

a second helping (1999)


HongCho, 1999-04-27

She followed up her quite successful debut album with a matching album. The second album contains 12 tracks and most of them sound pretty solid. I mean on the session musician and the recording sides, nothing much can be done further, I think. Some tracks are too mellow and contrived (I don't understand how the first track was cut as the "single"), but some tracks are fairly okay. I think MGR might turn out to be quite a good songwriter.

By the way, since her debut album release, two years ago, she must have had a hectic schedule or something. She looks tired in her photo shots. I hope she is taking care of herself well.

Bottom line: She can sing, and the tracks aren't that bad.


 R&B, GaYo, Funky, Ballad

Park JeongHyeon is the best R&B female singer among the contemporary artists. When she was young she used to go church in US and she learned the singing and spiritual perhaps.
When she debut her rich voice fascinated Korean listeners. R&B is very popular part of GaYo. I think her voice is not worse than other US singers.
She participated the OST Mulan(Asian version) duet with KimHyeonCheol.
This 3rd album became more deeper than older albums with her age. I think R&B needs experiences and age. If you love WhitneyHouston or MariahCarey perhaps you'll love ParkJepngHyeon.


Year Album Title
1998 Piece
1999 A Second Helping
2000 Naturally



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